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If you’ve heard of the Divi Monarch Plugin, you’re most likely looking for a good WordPress Social Share Plugin. In this video, I’ll share with you my experience after using the Monarch Plugin for the past year or so.

To start with, if you haven’t yet got the Elegant Themes membership which gives you unlimited access to Divi, Extra Theme, Monarch and Bloom, I’m giving away a free SEO course to all supporters of this channel who use my affiliate link. Read below for redemption instructions.

One of the most important keys for growth on your website or blog is social sharing. There are a lot of free options for this on the internet, but they all seem to cause issues or just look horrible. If you’ve faced the same issues, you can now rest easy because the Monarch plugin is the last WordPress social share plugin you’ll ever need to buy.

You can quickly and easily add Social Media Buttons to your website in 5 different styles. Those placements are:
– Sidebar
– Inline
– PopUp
– Fly-In
– Media

The whole setup process for Monarch is around 10 minutes and once it’s done, you’ll be able to sit back and relax as your Monarch Plugin does all the work. Watch the full video to see how to set it up!

If you decide to get the Elegant Themes membership which includes the Divi, Monarch Plugin, Bloom, and the Extra theme, use my affiliate link. I’ll give you a bonus SEO course I created, as a thank you! Once you have purchased, fill out this claim form and I’ll send you access.

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